Welcome to KBIT Telematics

Our Mission

KBIT Telematics aims to become a formidable force of vehicle telematics in Africa by leveraging IoT technologies with our unique entry to market strategies and delivering our solutions on a platform that is user-friendly, aggressively priced, and have intuitive capabilities.

Our Commitment

KBIT Telematics is a team of dedicated professionals dedicated to providing world-class products, services, and support to every customer no matter their size or location. Our commitment, whether you own a single vehicle, or a global fleet is to provide the best first time and every time.

Our Difference

The passion for creating innovative platforms that transcends today.

Our flexible state of the art platform collects, maps, stores and analyzes, vehicle and equipment sensors through real-time data to offer new business opportunities such as, fleet management, advanced real-time tracking, powerful mobile apps and telematics. We give you insight to your assets!

Our Goals & Objectives

Become a Dealer Reseller

Deliver a world-class tracking platform to your customers. No development + quick time to value.