Analytics & Reporting

Advanced Reports: Powerful Analytics in KBIT Telematics

KBIT Telematics “Reports” module is used to present information on unit activity in handy tables and charts. The system allows you to create flexible report templates, view reports in a browser, export reports in various file formats and send by e-mail.


Report queries

Study reports online, get scheduled and event-based reports or execute them in one click from the monitoring panel.

Handy data management

Use multi-level grouping, sorting, detalization mode, interval filtration and time limitations for data display.

Informative charts

Study charts with auto-scaling, zoom, single/multiple axes view, message points tracing; add backgrounds, event markets, and different line colors.

Mapping options

Take advantage of a scalable map featuring event markers, geofences, units, and tracks with the option to attach it to a report.

Precise information

Enjoy precise adresses, statistics, and information on 300+ monitoring parameters.

Advanced reports: Powerful Analytics in KBIT Telematics

KBIT Telematics Dashboard: a perfect tool for data analysis and visualization

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