Delivery Monitoring

Our logistics app that allows you to perform a wide range of tasks in the area of logistics and delivery – transportation arrangements, delivery route optimization, and cost saving. The web – version of the app ensures effective order placement, planning and distribution, Google Maps-based routing, delivery process monitoring, and coordination. Our Logistics mobile app is designed for delivery men and mobile employees.

Single service for the office and the field

Unite dispatchers and mobile employees by means of universal service to control all stages of delivery and field services operations.

Performing a wide range of tasks in the area of Logistics and Distribution



Route control

Ample Pre-setting Options

Effective allocation of company resources

Planning Settings



Notification settings

For delivery men and other mobile employees

First steps:

1. Create a driver in the tracking system and bind him to a unit

2. Enter driver’s phone number to start authorization procedure

3. Check driver’s binding to a unit

From there:

  1. Enjoy quick access to order information and visualization on the map.
  2. Get relevant information on your whereabouts, distance to the point and delivery progress.

Effective communication

1. Notify dispatchers of confirmed deliveries or rejected orders.

2. Send photos and comments concerning the delivery process.

3. Deal with clients on the phone.

Become a Dealer Reseller

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