Driver Behaviour

Our platform records all driver violations for a certain period, by individual rides, and also allows comparing data for different periods. It is intended to improve road safety, ensure cost-effective fleet maintenance, reduce fuel costs and enhance cargo safety. Monitor the driving quality of each driver, extend the vehicle lifespan, reduce the number of accidents and make data-driven decisions.

Without Behaviour Solutions

We tempt fate

When you exceed the average speed of the flow by 1 km/h, the accident risk increases by 10- 15%. While exceeding by 10 km/h, the number of accidents increases drastically

We “waste” the critical vehicle parts

The frequent “gas-brake-gas” shifting increases the clutch system deterioration in case of slam acceleration and braking system deterioration in case of dead halt.

We burn the fuel all out

All-wheel drive car burns much fuel, so they turn this option only under off-road conditions. If you don’t control the 4×4 turning on in the city and on the highway, you can’t call your driving fuel-efficient another six-litre G-Wagon.

We watch the column of flames

When two light vehicles get into an accident, we see two grieving men. When a 30-tons fuel tanker gets into an accident, we see the

column of flames several kilometres away. This is beautiful, expensive, and sad. If you control speed, gear shifting, heavy braking, acceleration, and cornering, you can save a lot per accident or at least identify the ones to blame.

We don’t give a damn about ecology

The driver pedals to the metal and discharges more CO2. KBIT Telematica will calculate the exact amount of discharge and show how you should drive to reduce it. The French, for example, can’t do without it. And if you don’t care, just purchase another six-litre G-Wagon.

Introduce numerous efficiencies

Understand where money goes?

The slower you go, the less you pay

We do not guarantee 100% protection from traffic fines. We suggest you get the drivers to behave more carefully and minimize them.

Your savings become your profit

Pushing the gas pedal to the floor means doing the job faster. Also burning the fuel at lightning speed, “wasting” the vehicle, and damaging the cargo.

Fewer traffic tickets

Cheaper. Minor violations

Confident. With GPS data on your side

Less fuel consumption

Less frequent critical breakdowns

Safer cargo, passengers, drivers


Trips Analysis & History

Detailed report on trips with a map and a violations table, the driver’s rating displayed with regard to the trip duration in the form of a column.



Several types of reports for a comprehensive driving behavior analysis: by driver, group of drivers or units for any period. Export to PDF and XLSX files.


Text SMS alerts

Full support for SMS alerts sent directly to a mobile device number at the time of an event.

Breath Based Interlocking

Panic Button

Physical panic button is installed in a location that is not visible, but also accessible the driver of the vehicle when pressed it triggers a panic alert to the respondents via the predefined SMS, email and popups with location and time as the primary fields of the alert message.
Virtual panic button from client application a panic button is virtually triggered with the same effect as in physical panic button, but the source of the trigger is the users’ application. Where internet connectivity is limited, an SMS can be sent to a predefined short code or hotline initiating reaction up stream by respondents. Additionally, a short code can be used via USSD to trigger that same.

Driver Management

Driver ID can be used in place of the traditional Dallas Key and Key Reader, where drivers’ fingerprints are enrolled to trigger ability to start the ignition. The fingerprint reader is linked to a relay that closes and opens the ignition circuit to allow or restrict ignition. The unique print will also be digitally assigned for driver Identification on the tracking platform.

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