GPS Real-Time Tracking

Real-time Vehicle Tracking is the ultimate solution to boost fleet efficiency.

KBIT Tracking for Fleets and Mobile Workforce Online Monitoring allows for cost optimization and improved driver accountability. The system ensures control over various units – from conventional transport to family pets.

KBIT Tracking allows for:

KBIT Tracking allows users to set up events (speed limit violations, fuel filling and alarm button activation) as notification triggers. Notifications can be sent via email, SMS, displayed in a pop-up window, or delivered as push notifications via KBIT Tracking mobile app on the smartphone.

Flexible Online Monitoring Capabilities

Online vehicle tracking by KBIT Tracking offers truly flexible fleet and asset tracking capabilities. The system is fully customizable, which provides specific solutions to address any business issue. KBIT Tracking online monitoring solutions allow to:

Value-added Functions


Understand and analyse assets movement using classic track history view tool or innovative TimeMachine feature. Data can be accessed instantly – for any time range within past five years.

Along with location data on the map you can view relevant information about trips length and duration, instant and average speed, and triggered events.


Get instant notifications and alerts about important events in the way you require. There is a huge list of controlled events, based on devices sensors and server-side logic. The system will react on them in accordance to the rules you set, including time and geofence restrictions. Users can be warned with Email, SMS and Push notifications

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