Integration with ERP, CRM & Other Systems

The solution makes the data from the monitoring system available in the client’s accounting system. Thus, it has the data on how the unit follows the route, provides the automatic filling in of waybills and the comparison of planned and actual fuel consumption. Also, the information is transferred the other way around, from the accounting system to KBIT Telematics.

The solution enables installation and service works management within one system, work quality assessment based on photos and documents, and transformation of work processes into convenient, transparent, and efficient ones.

Client’s personal account. It records requests for a service visit and installation work. In their personal account, clients can track the status of the ticket after its creation by technical support specialists, view information related to installation and service works, check work completion statements and photographs.

Integration with external services. Aurora works with the KBIT Telematics GPS tracking system, cartographic services, fuel cards.

How integration with KBIT Telematics works:

Results of the implementation of the ERP system Aurora:

Integration with Filling Station

This solution provides the opportunity to control the entire fuel chain. All the data on fuel and fuel products is synchronized and stored in one system. Thus, you can view and compare the data on fuel distribution, generation, and consumption.

This solution synchronizes and displays all the parameters from the Thermo King cooling unit without the need to install any extra sensors. It was developed for the Thermo King SLX refrigerators being produced since 2017 – the manufacturer equipped them with the devices for data reading and transfer.

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