Mobile Workforce Management

Realize the full value of your workforce

Let the customer separate the field staff from their vehicles via a powerful tool to update work statuses, chat with the dispatcher, receive target addresses with no need for a dedicated tracking device.

Discover KTTag based tracking by KBIT Telematics. GPS Tag is a native mobile app for smartphones or tablets running iOS or Android. It turns the mobile device into a tracker that works seamlessly with KBIT Telematics. 


Provide a great tracking solution without having to sell any hardware!

What do you need to get started?

Forget about costs for additional hardware.

To work with KTTag, you need only one device – a smartphone with GPS.


Latest data at hand

Information on the worker’s performance is automatically updated based on the unit messages. You always know your worker’s location, speed, and status.

Custom statuses option

The app notifies the user about the worker’s availability, absence in the workspace, and other situations.

Remote control

Cancel the call by sending the notification to the worker. Control the task fulfillment by  sending the request for the worker’s camera snapshot.

Working processes optimization

Data received through KTTag helps optimize the staff work and increase its efficiency.


With our solution, the workers get the opportunity to send pictures, SOS messages, or location info. You will be able to instruct them timely or provide assistance.

Communication with employees

Sending and receiving various types of messages from the field workers for close and detailed day-to-day communication. Send mass commands or messages to a large number of workers to save time.

Become a Dealer Reseller

Deliver a world-class tracking platform to your customers. No development + quick time to value.