Public Transportation

Our public transportation system for fleet managers is destined and control vehicles on route. The service enables route planning and performance control, proper distribution of vehicles between rides and precise scheduled management. The solutions also ensure efficient real-time monitoring and detailed reports on fleet activity.

Bus Solution

Our Bus Solution is assigned to control passenger transportation. It allows planning of routes, schedules, optimizing vehicle distribution across routes, providing schedule compliance & traffic regularity in real-time & get detailed reporting.

Keeps you informed

Becomes the development platform

Keeps passengers informed

Saves the history

Scope of Application

Our solution helps to manage the fleet of vehicles following predefined routes:


Create route points or import them from third-party systems


Create chains of stops, add schedules, and assign units


Get access to rides history, estimate their quality in terms of units and routes


Control ride performance in real time, monitor delays, hurries, and route deviations


Automatically create rides based on schedules and operation patterns of active routes


Analyze the overall fleet performance. The “Dashboard” tab displays the summary of depot contents.  All the data is updated in real-time.


Stops – The total number of stops in the depot and the number of stops for each means of transport.

Routes – The total number of routes in the depot and the number of routes for each means of transport.

Rides – The total number of active and upcoming rides as well as rides active now, overlapping, and rides with no unit.

Monitoring – The number of rides on time, behind schedule, ahead of schedule, with no unit, and with no units assigned.

Create and edit stops:

Manage routes:

Plan rides:

Automatically create rides based on the schedules and operation patterns of active routes

Work with blocks:

*Block is a chain of schedules which are executed successively by one unit and belong to the routes with the same number and type of transport.

Control rides in real time:

Analyze the fleet performance:

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